On March 4, 2010, there was a statewide protest to defend public education on a scale never before seen in California. For those of us working hard to put a swift and efficient end to the distastefully outdated and fiscally reckless institution known as public education, March 4th proved to be a very scary day. For this reason, UCMeP mobilized a special task force to subvert protests: the Strategic Counter-Activism Brigade (SCAB). Almost immediately, SCAB made headlines in major newspapers like the SF Chronicle with its innovative tactics for training students how to cross picket lines without thinking twice about the political consequences of their actions. As part of this campaign to incapacitate statewide unrest, SCAB produced a series of cutting-edge public service announcements (think: 1980s elementary school bus safety videos) which offered viewers fun ways to cross their favorite picket lines.

Tip #17: Part the Sea of Reds

Tip #106: Come Bearing Gifts

Tip #3: Butter

Tip #47: Use the Force