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Press Testimonials

Historical fact is skillfully mingled with self-knit fictions. The often mercurial songs and narrative texts about labor conditions, entrepreneurship, and fights with Prussian bureaucracy radiate with refined poetry.

Berliner Zeitung on King Bethel

Brilliant...The English Theatre placed the Contest in the hands of the performance troupe Shakespeare im Park Berlin. What a great choice.

Tagesspiegel on Strength & Health: March

It was all simply wonderful.

London Guardian on Utopia™

Spectators experience a theater-parkour through Görlitzer Park, surrounded by barbecue fumes, late evening sun, Turkish families, and dealers, all of whom watch the spectacle with interest. This is an exciting and action-packed production.

Berliner Zeitung on Utopia™

Avant-garde for everyone.

tip Berlin on Utopia™

A rousing romp through the eastern end of Görli, the new production from the folks at Shakespeare im Park is exactly what a free, open-air version of classic theatre in bohemian Berlin should be: a political, comical and lovingly-made, dual-language experience.

Exberliner on Utopia™

There's nothing British about this performance. It's a truly Berlin experience in that it's unusual, interactive, bilingual, occasionally trilingual, and absolutely amazing.

NPR on Henry IV

Is that Orson Welles tied to a tree swigging whiskey? Görlitzer Park is a place for punks, hipsters, families and boozers – and now for theatregoers too. All the park’s a stage. Be prepared for a rowdy evening and liberal breaking of the fourth wall.

Time Out Berlin on Henry IV

The danger in a protest situation is that it breaks down to just two sides that stop listening to each other. UCMeP can shift the tenor of the discourse. They make both sides laugh...A form of serious play.

San Francisco Chronicle on UCMeP