Projects in Progress

I am currently developing a number of projects: a biographical reimagining of Brecht’s Mother Courage as a site of the destruction of the American “home”; an existential exploration and racial deconstruction of our “Golden Age” of television; a devised investigation of the five pages in the Talmud that tackle the “Messiah”; and a gustatory and olfactory exploration of NYC neighborhood texture. I am also in the midst of two book projects: the first is an edited collection that examines the stakes of continuing to use “postdramatic” as a lens for studying contemporary performance; the second is a monograph about the evolution of performing arts policy in Berlin  the German capital city serves as a paradigmatic site to explore how theater and performance provide us with means to reshape our infrastructures of public life.

M., or, 36 Righteous Coffee Machines

Culinary Theater

The Summer Way

Bloated & Blues : A Blacks + Jews Kabarett

Book Project: Performing Arts Policy in Post-Wall Berlin

Book Project: Postdramatic Theatre and Form