A Performance-Installation
Material/Inheritance Exhibition
Jewish Museum of Maryland
Baltimore, MD
March to June 2023

Between the Bread is a participatory installation composed of visual totems and audio tracks. The work uses the sandwich as a site of conflict and coming together, a way to think about neighborhood composition, change, and the joys and tensions generated by a density of difference.

About Material / Inheritance

The artists featured in Material/Inheritance emphasize resilience in contemporary forms with inspiration from and foundations in ancestral Jewish texts, practices, histories and griefs.

This work asks: what does the future hold, and how much of that is in our own hands? What do we need to survive, and where can we find it? How can we balance the needs of the individual and collective as we generate new solutions for contemporary and age-old questions? What does it look like to celebrate and rejoice alongside continual waves of mourning, discomfort and despair Material/Inheritance challenges genre and generic frames, specifically to consider the thinking and community that become possible in inter-disciplinary conversation. The artists showcased in Material/Inheritance engage forms from new media and live performance to painting, poetry, food and sculpture.

Conceived by: Brandon Woolf and Ben Gassman
Written by: Ben Gassman
Directed by: Brandon Woolf