The CONSOLE is a public performance. Free of charge.

Let’s not mourn our mailboxes
As vessels of civic futility.
But make renewed use of them.
To sit together (at a distance)
And console one another. And those we love.
Posting letters from the edge.

For one month, from October 7 to November 2, I’ll be at the mailbox – with paper and stamps and hand-sanitizer – ready to serve as you’re your medium, your console.
Together, if you’d like, we can take a moment to type a note of consolation, a blue-edged missive to a friend you think could use it.
Don’t know what you’d like to say. Don’t worry. I’ve been collecting suggestions…
Hope to see you there. There will be music. And muffins, maybe.
The typewriter awaits.

Mailbox Location:

78 Prospect Park West (at 4th Street), Brooklyn

All performances free of charge and dependent on the weather.

No tickets necessary. Drop by any time.