The Chocolate Factory’s Taste of LIC
Kaufman Astoria Studios
June 2018

For some years now, we have been working in the theoretical test lab to perfect the makings of the ideal post-revolutionary sandwich. In the spirit of praxis, we are ready now to launch our pop-up. It will be revolutionary. Or post-revolutionary. As long as its disruptive, does it matter? And, don’t tell your donors, it will make us all rich. (The real money’s in mustard-mayo data.) 3 sandwich prep “partners,” 6 post-revolutionary sandwiches (4 of which have already sold out), 1 cashless cashier, “realist” art works, street talk, and geopolitical hustle. The post-revolutionary sandwich pop up is both a product and critique of late capitalism, perpetually late communism, and early hyperconnectivity. Too sincere?

It knows that marketing is much more important than what’s between the bread.  It loves money. And the James Beard Awards. And wants to make the American Dream Great Again with hoisin sauce. It knows that if you can make it as a pop-up, get noted on food tv, go brick and mortar and put in five good months in New York, then you can farm out to Vegas and Miami, eventually to Idaho, Ankara and Abu Dubai and rest on your laurels…like any new political philosophy once it’s been implemented.

Conceived by: Ben Gassman & Brandon Woolf

Branding Design by: Alisa Prude-Hunt

Chief Chef: Bob Garbarino

Performed by: Alisa Prude-Hunt, Bob Garbarino, Ben Gassman, Brandon Woolf, Sam Soghor, Meeko Gattuso & Mira Al Jallaf

It is easy to be a communist and a millionaire in Paris.

Edmundo Desnoes