Lerner Hall
Columbia University
December 2004

Written by Bertolt Brecht

Directed by Brandon Woolf

Nothing's invented, and nothing is new, nothing was scrubbed for the kids − or for you. What we give you tonight is the world's status quo: familiar to all − the great ganster show!


Ensemble: Helen Cespedes, Claire Synder, Lily Kelting, Naomi Hoffman, Natasha Warner, Shana Solomon, Michael Brick, Ira Lopez, Mark Lebowski, Matt Norwood, Noam Harary, Matthew Gertz, Marko Guzijan, Hanna Tulis, Melissa Hernandez, Max Cohen, Saralena Weinfeld, Alicia Bonner, Hadley Tsufer, Gabe Miner, Alessandra Hirsch, Phillipa Ainsley, JD Stettin

Choreography: Ashley Walker
Musical Direction: Benji Jack
Costume Design: Liz Vastola
Set Design: Shana Solomon
Lighting Design: Emily Kadish, Torie Atkinson

Stage Management: Erica Carley
Assistant Stage Management: Jenni Marks, Tracy Massel
Technical Direction: Oliver Theissen
Assistant Technical Direction: Erin Moughon
Production Management: Diana Wade