Drama League DirectorFest
Barrow Group Theater
New York
December 2015

Written by Sam Shepard
Directed by Brandon Woolf

THE ROCK GARDEN is an expressionistic exfoliation of white suburban dislocation, disorientation, and disillusionment. Consumed by willful nostalgia, narcissism, and middle-class malaise, an “archetypal” family of four embodies the self-imposed dis-integration of an American Dream. A picket-fence fairy tale gone awfully awry, Shepard’s earliest one-act remains an eerily prescient look in the mirror — with lots and lots of milk!

The Drama League presents DirectorFest, its annual festival showcasing the work of the four directors selected for the Drama League’s acclaimed Directors Project Fellowship Program.  In addition to THE ROCK GARDEN, this year’s festival includes: Cassandra Medley’s CELL (directed by Estefanía Fadul), Slawomir Mrozek’s OUT AT SEA (directed by Sarah Elizabeth Wansley), and Anne Washburn’s WHEN THE TANKS BREAK (directed by Annie Tippe).

Knowing that the Dream persists by warring with the known world, I was sad for the host.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

GIRL − Naian Gonzalez Norvind
BOY − Ephraim Birney*
WOMAN − Angela Pierce*
MAN − Joel Van Liew*
*Member, Actors Equity Association

Stage Manager: Will Chaloner
Casting: Rebecca Feldman

Scenic Design: Reid Thompson
Lighting Design: Melissa Mizell
Costume Design: Whitney Locher
Sound Design: M. Florian Staab
Property Design: Ellie Engstrom

Associate Producer: Peggy R. Samuels
Production Stage Manager: Suzi Bonnot
Technical Direction: Ken Larson
Publicity: Philip Carrubba
Project Administrator: Tony Curtis
Photos: Richard Termine